Motivating Young Adults to Learn

Do you want your young adult students to be more motivated to learn God’s Word? Then you need to focus on group affiliation in the learning process.

Key to MotivationAFFILIATION

To approach Bible teaching with young adults as an academic pursuit, you will tend to miss the mark with them. Yes, they do need the truth of God’s Word but it needs to be embedded relationally. Truth must remain central but you cannot make it void of the social element.

Incorporate lots of opportunity for sharing and getting to know one another, for the building of relationships. Use methods that include plenty of discussion and interaction with one another. Young adults tend to flourish in this kind of environment, thus impacting their motivation to learn.

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Motivating Teens to Learn

Do you want to see the teenagers in your youth Bible class desire to learn and not just be there because of their friends or because their parents made them attend? Then you need to make them feel affirmed.

Key to MotivationAFFIRMATION

Sometimes it might seem like an impossible task to motivate teens to learn God’s Word, to want to grow in their walk with God. Teens can get quite discouraged as it seems like they take one step forward spiritually and two steps backwards. As they navigate the ups and downs of adolescence, they need teachers who believe in them. Provide constant encouragement and affirmation and you just might see their motivation to learn blossom.

Of course, your affirmation needs to be genuine as teenagers will see right through it. They don’t appreciate hypocrisy and manipulation and will undoubtedly be turned off toward learning even more because of that. Bible teachers who demonstrate authenticity in their affirmation, however, tend to make big inroads into the lives of young people.

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Motivating Grade School Children to Learn

Do you want your grade school students to want to learn the Bible? Then you need to get them actively involved in the process.

Key to MotivationACTIVITY
If gradeschoolers are expected to merely sit and listen, they will not be motivated to learn. Bored or frustrated children tend to find their own means of activity which usually leads to discipline issues and no learning.

This is an industrious age. They enjoy meaningful activity which increases their motivation to learn. Choose methods that allow them to be both physically and mentally active in the learning process. Give them choices in the types of activities and their desire to learn will tend to increase even more.

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Motivating Preschoolers to Learn

Do you want to get preschoolers’ attention so they can learn from God’s Word? Then be attentive to them.

Key to MotivationATTENTIVENESS

Young children need to know you care, that they can trust you to meet their needs. When they feel safe and cared for, they will be more prone to absorbing truths you are presenting through various means.

Their attention spans are extremely short. Preschoolers rarely keep at one activity for very long. Yet, by engaging with them on their level, being attentive to them, you will at times catch their attention and learning will happen.

As they progress from being infants to toddlers to pre-primary aged children, their vocabulary will increase and they will be able to understand more and more. Yet, if you want to keep their attention, you need to continue to be attentive to them. Enter into their world and they will soak in what you have to teach them.

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