Called to Teach But Still Afraid?

Teaching is a big responsibility.  Awareness of the level of accountability it brings might cause some trepidation about teaching.

Teaching is an upfront type of ministry.  Uncertainties of what others will think about one’s abilities might generate a little nervousness about saying or doing the right things.

Teaching is a stretching opportunity.  Learning new methods, knowing how to answer students’ questions, and dealing with challenging students can take us out of our comfort zones, making us afraid of the unknown.

Help your teachers get beyond these fears by looking at the assurances and promises of a powerful, personal, holy, and faithful God who will be with them each step of the way.

Called to Teach But Still Afraid? –The title for this post is the name of a devotional available in the store that looks at how God met Moses with all of his fears.

God appeared to Moses in a phenomenal way not simply to get his attention but also because God already knew Moses’ fears. He met Moses in a way that provided a visual demonstration of who it was that would be calling him. Through this encounter God verbally extended assurances and promises for the task ahead based on who HE was, not on who Moses was or what Moses could do.

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