Basics for Classroom Discipline

To effectively manage the classroom, Bible teachers need a good grasp of basic principles. Discipline issues will often be prevented with these basics in place. And, strategies for dealing with misbehavior will grow out of these basics.

Classroom Discipline Helped by Knowing the Basics

Steps can be implemented before even stepping into the classroom. Certain methods of teaching and ways of treating the students will tend to produce cooperation and participation which in turn will eliminate misbehavior. Every time a teacher violates one of these principles, he/she opens the door for possible problems. So, make sure your teachers have a good grasp on the basics.

Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline
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The Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline contains 30 tips that fall under one of the following basics:

The next six posts will contain the introductory remarks to each of these section from the Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline. Subscribe to this blog to receive notices of new posts. Better yet, click on the link to order the handbook so you not only have the introductions but also the tips that fit under these sections.

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