Bible Learning Centers: Not the Easy Way Out

Bible learning centers have many benefits.  They provide variety, allow for participation, offer learning for multiple learning styles … all of which help students learn.

Almost any curriculum can be set up into learning centers by making each part into a station — arts/crafts, music, drama, games, computer, storytelling, prayer, etc.

To effectively use Bible learning centers, teachers do need to realize that this method is not the easy way out.  It takes:

  • time to plan, collect materials, set up, execute, and clean up
  • planning not just of which centers to use, but how to set them up to minimize congestion, maximize participation, and when/how to move students through the centers
  • recruitment, training, and coordination of helpers supervising the various centers

Bible learning centers are not the easy way out because in addition to all the logistics, teachers need to make sure the centers all point to the lesson’s theme.  Teachers must be very purposeful in every aspect to get beyond mere activity to true learning.

Help teachers think through the effective implementation of this method with the Learning Center Worksheet in the store.

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