Teachers’ View of the Bible: It Affects the Heart

Do your teachers believe the Word is God’s absolute truth? — essential for one’s perceptions about God

Do your teachers believe the Bible emphasizes more than obedience to God’s rules and regulations? — important for proper motivations

Do your teachers believe the Word focuses more on God Himself than the historical events presented in it? — important for finding relevancy

If you can answer “yes” to the above questions, then students will be given a good groundwork for living the Christian life. But, there is something else quite important pertaining to the theme of the Bible. What do your teachers believe the Bible is about if it is not merely about God’s laws or activity in this world?

Read through the pages of Scripture and you will find a love story about God’s desire and quest to be in a relationship with the people He created. From start to finish we read of a loving God drawing people to Himself, delivering, protecting, and providing for those who would by faith receive His gift of love.

This is a God whom people can love in return. — “We love because he first loved us.” (1 Jn. 4:19)

This kind of a God will affect not only the mind and the will but also the heart!

Make no mistake: The Bible does contain the laws and judgments of a holy God. The Bible does present the activities of a sovereign God.

Look at the big picture: God is also love. We must understand God in the fullness of who He is. Because He is both a loving and holy God, His commandments serve to protect us. Because He is both a loving and sovereign God, His working in this world is for our good, to provide for us and to lead us into righteousness.

This is a God to whom we can turn and trust with our very lives.

This is a God with whom a relationship seems desirable.

Teachers’ view of the Bible does matter. Are you sure your teachers are taking students far enough … to God’s ultimate intent of a loving relationship with them?

This four page teacher training download can serve as a good reminder:

What Bible Teachers Need to Know About God’s Word

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