Conscientious Bible Teachers

Conscientious Bible Teachers Who Correctly Handle the Word

Conscientious Bible teachers carefully and thoroughly attend to their teaching, making sure their study of God’s Word leads to that which rightly represents truth as God intended. We have to be conscientious to follow the exhortation in 2 Timothy 2:15 to correctly handle the word of truth.

To Correctly Handle the Word Requires Bible Teachers to be Conscientious.

The Greek word, orthotomeo, used for “correctly handles” comes from the words “orthos” meaning straight and “temno” meaning to cut. Hence, Bible teachers are to cut straight when it comes to God’s Word. Such accuracy requires a conscientious approach to studying and teaching the Bible.

What Conscientious Bible Teachers Don’t Do and What They Do Instead

They don’t zigzag, sometimes on and sometimes off the line of Truth. Rather, they seek to stay true to God’s Word.

They don’t go around in circles, staying ambiguous so as to be all inclusive of everyone’s opinions. Instead, they cut straight to the core of what God says.

They don’t take short cuts to cut out parts people don’t like. Rather, they keep on the straight and narrow path laid out by God.

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