FAQ about Using Crafts

Crafts have long been used in children’s ministry. Here are some key questions about using crafts in the church setting, whether for Sunday School, children’s church, or some kind of mid-week program or Bible club.
Crafts as a Bible Learning Activity Teacher Training Resource

Click image to learn about the Crafts as a Bible Learning Activity Teacher Training Resource which may be reproduced and distributed to all your children’s teachers.

For what purpose should crafts be used?

Crafts primarily help reinforce learning. Providing varying ways of reinforcing truths learned, one being crafts, helps accommodate short attention spans and alleviate boredom. Using guided conversation while making crafts helps students see how what they’re doing fits into what they’ve learned. When sent home, the craft continues to provide a reminder of what was learned. Click on the following links for questions to ask about why you might be using crafts:

What do I do if the church budget isn’t enough to purchase craft kits?

Craft kits can save you the time of collecting materials and might yield a higher quality product but if you’re willing to invest the time and effort, you can still use relevant crafts. If you don’t feel you’re creative enough to come up with an idea yourself, consider investing in books with ideas. Go to this page and scroll down to the Ideas Resources: Crafts Teacher Training Resources

What guidelines should I follow in choosing crafts?

The most important tip would be to make whatever you use purposeful, reinforcing the objective(s) of the lesson. The time you have students is so short that you should make every activity count. Second, keep skills needed to complete the project within the abilities of the students you’re teaching. If too easy, students will get bored. If too difficult, students will get frustrated. When either of those scenarios occurs, you could be looking at possible behavioral problems. Third, think about safety. Anything sharp or hot should only be used by older students. If teachers will be using a glue gun, box cutter, or sharp scissor for younger children, they must be careful where they sit these tools while not using them.

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