Make Every Moment Count Using Guided Conversation

In training teachers you want to instruct them in how to prepare and present an effective lesson and how to use methods and visuals with skill.  This is good.  But, they also need to learn to use those teachable moments that are not in the lesson plan through the use of guided conversation.

Those times usually happen before or after class, during transitions, while students are working on projects, and in discipline situations.

To make every moment count, teachers must stay alert and be attentive to students.  By observing and listening, teachers can find many opportunities to purposefully direct students’ thoughts to God and His Word.  Often these informal chats with students accomplish as much as formal instruction as the teacher serves as a guide to draw the students’ attention onto God.

A worksheet on Guided Conversation, available through the store, provides an acrostic of the word GUIDED to help teachers reflect on the potential of their informal conversation guiding students to connect with God in all they do.  Help teachers seize those unplanned teachable moments.

Teacher Training Resources:  Guided Conversation

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