Are Your Teachers Ready for the Holidays?

Your curriculum undoubtedly will provide them with the content to help focus on the real reason for the season . . . but are they otherwise ready?

Their own busier schedules will make preparation time at a premium requiring that they manage their time well.

Students will be busier and possibly more stressed out than usual finding it easier to miss classes leading up to the holidays.

Students will become more easily distracted, restless, and inattentive as they anticipate the upcoming special occasions.

Visitors will mean a different group dynamic and the need for extra supplies.

First step?  Teachers need an awareness of the effects of holidays on themselves and on their students as individuals and as a group.

Teachers don’t need to be taken by surprise.  They should expect that things will be different.  A one page document available through the store, Intruders in the Classroom, is a quick read for your busy teachers to provide this awareness, giving four tips that can help them.

Teacher Training Resources:  Holidays & Seasonal Helps

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