Bible Teachers Having Trouble Motivating Students?

Bible teachers have a lot of competition for the hearts and minds of their students.  Sometimes teachers feel like all they are doing is pushing and pulling students to learn.

To help your teachers understand how to motivate students to learn, ask the following questions:

1)  Do your Bible teachers know how to connect with students in ways that help motivate them? In order for students to not only want to learn, but to indeed actually learn, you need to make some connections from start to finish in your lesson preparation, planning, and presentation.

A six page worksheet, Help! My students don’t want to be here! They don’t want to learn!, available through the store, will help teachers learn how to make these connections.

2)  Are your Bible teachers strategic in connecting students with the God of the Bible and not simply its truths? To motivate students to believe in absolute truth, you need to present them with a God big enough, great enough, powerful enough, and wise enough to have the final word, to be the ultimate standard, to have absolute authority.

A two page worksheet, Motivating Students to Believe … and act on what they believe,  available through the store, will help teachers learn how to do this.

Teacher Training Resources:  Motivating Students

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