Outreach Bible Studies Teachers Training

Teachers Training for Outreach Bible StudiesNot all Bible teachers teach within the walls of a church building. Some go out into the community to nursing homes, children’s homes (orphanages), prisons, schools or college campuses, and the like. Teachers doing Outreach Bible Studies also need teacher training. While some training on the basics of teaching will apply, they do need to understand the particular slant of teaching in this kind of setting.

What to Emphasize in Teachers Training for those Doing Outreach Bible Studies:

1) Recognizing the uniqueness of the people they teach and their particular circumstances

The better teachers understand their students, the more they will tend to teach in ways that reach into the hearts and minds of those they teach.

Here are resources for some common settings where outreach Bible studies are done:

college campus
nursing homes (elderly)

2) Relationship Building

Much of this kind of teaching is about interacting before and after the study as well as the structured teaching time, unless in a setting that does not permit one-on-one interaction. When people believe that the teachers coming in to them truly care, they tend to be more receptive to what is shared.

Relationship Building Teacher Training Resources

3) Relevancy

Teachers should to be reminded that their teaching must be relevant to their students’ world, not their own. Guide them in how to choose topics relevant to their students. Help teachers learn to use illustrations relative to the world in which their students now live, not so much the outside world.

4) Respect

What teachers must keep in mind is that they are going into someone else’s territory. They need to know the expectations and culture of the place in which they are teaching and have respect for the rules and regulations of that organization.

5) Responsibility in Reaching Out with the Gospel

Teachers doing outreach Bible studies will likely have more people who do not have a personal relationship with the Lord than those teaching within a church building. They must therefore learn to regularly weave the Gospel message into their teaching in ways that are clear and non-manipulative. They must know how to lead a person to salvation in Christ both one-on-one and in a group setting.

Outreach Teacher Training Resources

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