Objective: Get Students into the Word on Their Own

Students Study the Bible
Teaching students to read and study the Bible on their own, outside of class, is a wonderful objective for your Bible teachers.

You will probably think to train them on helping students:

  • know how to navigate the Bible … logistics of using a Bible
  • know how to study the Bible  … principles of sound interpretation

While these skills are essential, they are not enough.  For students to want to study the Bible on their own, they must first learn to value it.  Teachers must also consistently communicate that . . .

The Bible is the primary way to get to know the Almighty God.

The Bible is relevant to their everyday lives.

The Bible, when applied, makes a difference.

Teachers must do more than “tell” students these truths about the Word.  Teachers must “show” it in the way they teach and through their own example.

  1. Use the Bible to teach rather than merely using a lesson book.
  2. Get students using the Bible in the classroom rather than always projecting it or reading it to them.
  3. Incorporate methods that require students to search for answers in the Word instead of providing all the content.
  4. Give illustrations from your own life of the difference it made when applying the Bible lesson.

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