Tweaking the Curriculum

When You Need to Adjust the CurriculumA previous post questioned the validity of always blaming curriculum when teaching doesn’t go well. Sometimes lessons could go better by simply making some adjustments — tweaking the curriculum.

What Tweaking the Curriculum Might Mean

Sometimes tweaking will simply take changing illustrations within the introduction or application to make it more relevant to your particular students but it could mean redoing the entire section.

Sometimes tweaking will involve using guiding questions to fill in the gaps, add to, or clarify what the curriculum provides to ensure your students understand based on their level of Bible literacy.

Sometimes tweaking will mean making adjustments to methodology but it could require looking at completely different Bible teaching methods based on the abilities or interests of your students.

On occasion it might be necessary to lay aside the entire lesson plan and write your own Bible lesson. However, in most cases, you should still use the same topic or key passage. One of the purposes of using curriculum is so over the course of time, people receive a well-rounded understanding of Scripture. The scope and sequence chart used by curriculum companies maps out that plan. This is particularly essential for children’s classes.

Questions to Help Determine if Tweaks are Needed

  • Does the introduction need to be tweaked to make it more relevant to your students’ interests?
  • Do methods or visuals need to be tweaked to make them more interesting to your students or to better fit your facilities or time schedule?
  • Do you need to add more depth or detail to the lesson because your students already know the truths being presented?
  • Do you need to bring it down to your students’ level by focusing in on only the general concepts being presented?
  • Does the application need to be tweaked to make it more relevant to your students’ life experiences?

If you skip or add activities be careful not to lose the flow of the lesson. Watch for transitions and bridge any gaps your adjustment may leave.

Teacher Training Resource: When You Need to Adjust the Curriculum Worksheet

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