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Teacher Training as Part of CE Administrator's Responsibility:

If you are a Director of Christian Education, Sunday School Superintendent, or other ministry leader, one of your responsibilities might be Teacher Training.
Here is what you will need to do:
  1. Develop a plan to implement training.
    How you approach teacher training does matter if you are seeking to develop effective teachers.
  2. Assess teacher needs.
    Use a survey, observation and/or personal consultation to help you determine not only what topics teachers need help with but also their learning preferences so you can tailor training to individuals.
  3. Determine the best means of meeting teachers' training needs.
    Though valid means of training Bible teachers, seminars tend to provide more of a cookie cutter approach. Everyone, regardless of need or teaching experience, receives the same training. Whether pre-service or in-service training, Bible teachers would benefit the most from a variety of means of training.
Teacher training efforts will be most successful when the leadership team is all on the same page, particularly when it comes to the overall goal of your church's Christian education ministry.

Let's Keep the Wheels Rolling - Christian Education Leadership Team Training Download

  • Leaders begin the process of seeing changed lives in students through the structure they establish, curriculum they choose, and the training and support they provide teachers.
  • Leaders should be a model, setting the standard and pace for teachers.

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Help & Resources for the Administration of Teacher Training:

Get on-going equipping ideas and encouragement in this vital role of training teachers through the Christian Teacher Training Bible Teachers Blog. This blog is geared to Christian Education Directors, Sunday School Superintendents, and other ministry leaders who are responsible for training Bible teachers. (Subscribe to receive e-mail notice of updates by clicking on the link in the right column of the blog.)

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