Have an Effective Teacher Training Plan?

To effectively train your Bible teachers you need to PLAN:


An effective teacher training plan requires that you actively head in that direction. You put time and effort into it. And, throughout the process you also wholeheartedly pursue after God and His direction in it.


An effective teacher training plan requires a two-way conversation between you and your teachers. Do not assume you know what topics and means of training should be pursued. Take time to hear their concerns and what they perceive to be their needs.


An effective teacher training plan requires that you step back and consider all that you have heard from teachers, observed, and perhaps surveyed. What are the priority needs for training? What resources are available to help meet those priorities?


An effective teacher training plan requires that you find the best route to take in order to meet priority needs, matching resources to subject matter and means to learning preferences. Don’t assume everything will just fall into place and that teachers will follow through. You must remain at the steering wheel, figuring out how to get around obstacles and stay the course.

The CE Files Teacher Training Module Download from Ministry Tools Resource Center can help you with some of this.

Christian Education Teacher Training ModuleFirst, a one page assessment will help you look at your approach to teacher training. Are you pursuing it in ways that will be most effective?
Second, a two page teacher training survey will help you listen to teachers and assess their priority needs.
Third, a twenty-nine page document will help you navigate through 23 different means of training teachers.

(Please Note: This module is part of the Christian Education Files Download but can be ordered separately.)

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