Where Can You Get Help with Your Teacher Training Plan?

Both individual Bible teachers and Christian Education directors or other teaching ministry leaders will find help in the Training Resources section of this site.
You will find a variety of teacher training topics, each having a page devoted to providing you with the following resources:
  • Links to books, videos, DVDs, audio recordings, workbooks, online studies and more where training resources can be freely obtained, viewed, or purchased on the topics covered in this resource. (Links to items that must be purchased are from stores/ministries located in the United States.)
  • Links to worksheets, handouts, devotionals, workbooks, and PowerPoint Presentations published by Ministry Tools Resource Center that you may purchase in the MinTools.com store for yourself as an individual or to distribute to your teachers. Worksheets range from 1-10 pages each. Workbooks contain 50 or more pages.
  • Also check out the Train Bible Teachers Blog, designed for Christian Education Directors, Sunday School Superintendents, and other ministry leaders responsible for teacher training to get equipping ideas, resources, and articles to pass on to their teaching staff.

For Help in Finding Resources to Use for Teacher Training:

Click on the above link for lists of resources on different topics in a variety of formats that will help you tailor training to your individual teacher needs.

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