What is a Teacher Training Plan?

Develop a Teacher Training Plan

A teacher training plan is simply a purposeful effort to tailor training to the teacher that can be accomplished by doing the following:

  1. Ask how the teacher will best learn based upon:
    • learning styles
    • time availability
    • life circumstances
    • preferences
  2. Determine areas in which training is most needed.
  3. Find and provide available resources to train teachers in ways that best fit them.

Train Bible Teachers can help you build a plan for your Sunday School & other Bible teachers:

  • Start by surveying your teachers to help you learn about your teacher's needs and learning preferences (steps 1 & 2 above).
  • Provide training tailored to your teachers' needs. You will find lists of teacher training resources on this site on various topics in a variety of formats (step 3 above). Simply click on the Training Resources link to begin looking at the listed resources to help you with your teacher training plan.

For Help in Finding Resources to Use for Teacher Training:

Click on the above link for lists of resources on different topics in a variety of formats that will help you tailor training to your individual teacher needs.

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