What Teacher Training Topics Should Be a Part of a Training Plan?

Because Bible teachers are at different places in their skill levels and knowledge of the Bible, a wide range of help should be available.
Because teachers face varying situations in their classes based on the age they teach, the class set-up, and needs of students, a variety of topics might be appropriate for training.
Because teachers come from diverse backgrounds, have different strengths and weaknesses in their personalities, and are at varying places in their own faith walks, numerous issues could affect their teaching and therefore be topics to include in teacher training.
The following topics, though not a comprehensive list, could be pertinent to your teacher training plan.
Hover over specific topics below to find links to posts on the Christian Teacher Training Blog that will give you insights into training of those topics.

For Help in Finding Resources to Use for Teacher Training:

Click on the above link for lists of resources on different topics in a variety of formats that will help you tailor training to your individual teacher needs.

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