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Teacher Qualities

The Bible teacher's life teaches, not just words spoken. Students see the example of the teacher both in and outside the classroom which will either highlight or contradict the lessons being taught. To be an effective model requires the Holy Spirit working in and through the teacher.
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General Thoughts about a Teacher's Character or Inner Being:

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  • Take-Out Training for Teachers Book with CD-ROM by Group Publishing - The CD-ROM "contains 16 three-minute sessions in story form that present the qualities that make a good teacher a great teacher! You can make copies of this CD, record it into your ministry's voice-mail system - "press 2 for this month's Takeout Training for Teachers" - or get extra-creative and put it in audio form on your Web site."


Be-Attitudes for Teachers
As teachers focus more on who they are, they will have a better perspective on what they should do. They will become people of integrity, exhibiting the heart of God. As a result, they will be teachers whom God can use for His glory to build up the lives of those they teach. These 30 Be-Attitudes for Teachers can serve as devotionals for personal enrichment or be used for group instruction.

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Does your heart beat with the love of God for your students

In this four page teacher training worksheet, teachers use the qualities in 1 Corinthians 13 as a standard against which to measure love for students.

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