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Discouragement in Teaching
If a Bible teacher is discouraged, try to identify what's at the root and address the cause specifically. Also, be sure to regularly provide plenty of general encouragement, support, affirmation, and appreciation along the way and it might prevent discouragement from taking hold.
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Articles, Online:

Audio Recordings, Handouts, E-Mail, Newsletter Options to Encourage:

  • 2-Minute Encouragers for Teachers by Craig Jutila - This resource "includes 52 two-page encouragers that can be photocopied for all of your children's ministry volunteers, a CD packed with 52 encouraging stories, and a CD that can be used to import the stories into your e-mails and newsletters."
  • Take-Out Training for Teachers by Group Publishing - includes a CD with e-mail encouragements - pre-written e-mail encouragements -- "just hit 'send' for quick and effective tips to motivate and affirm volunteers"

Books on Ways to Encourage & Express Gratitude and Appreciation to Teachers:


Encouragers for Teachers of God's Word
Bible teachers can get discouraged, frustrated, stressed, feel defeated, fearful, uncertain, or overwhelmed. They can sense the effect of their own inadequacies, inconsistencies, and sinful attitudes. They can be consumed with a need to compete with the world for the attention of their students or hindered by other obstacles. This teacher training resource contains 12 devotional-like encouragers to remind teachers that they don't have to remain in this kind of state of heart or mind.


PowerPoint Presentation:

Rediscovering the Joy of Teaching
Bible teachers can become stuck in the routine or obligation of teaching and lose perspective, and consequently their joy. This PowerPoint Presentation can be used by individual teachers or for group training as a reminder of what Jesus can do through them as they invest into their students' lives. A free PowerPoint Viewer can be downloaded from the Microsoft site for anyone without PowerPoint installed on their computer.

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