The Big Picture for Sunday School, Small Groups, or Other Bible Teachers

Teacher Training to Fit General Topics

Sometimes Bible teachers need a big picture perspective of teaching, perhaps some patterns to model after, or a challenge to be more effective. Help them with specific training topics but don't forget to keep it all under the umbrella of a biblical teaching philosophy and sound teaching principles.

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Rediscovering the Joy of Teaching
Bible teachers need to keep their focus on the right things or they will easily become distracted, get stuck in the routine or obligation of teaching and lose perspective. Teachers who find little joy or passion in their teaching tend to put little into it and hence yield minimal results. This PowerPoint Presentation can be used by individual teachers or for group training as a reminder of what Jesus can do through them as they invest into their students' lives.
A free PowerPoint Viewer can be downloaded from the Microsoft site for anyone without PowerPoint installed on their computer.



Creative Bible Teaching with Results
Overall goals, view of the teaching-learning process, classroom structure and lesson approach must line up with God and His ways to truly exercise God-given creativity. When that happens, the class will transform into a place where people want to be, where students get excited about learning God's Word and go home equipped to deal with life.

Teaching for Changed Lives Workbook
A Bible teacher's goals, role, and methodology should line up with what God is doing --that of changing lives to bring them into conformity to Jesus Christ. Everything done in the teaching-learning process should work toward this overall goal with the Holy Spirit permeating each part of it.

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