3 Tips for Teaching


While there are many tips that can be given to Bible teachers, I believe these three are basic and take teachers a long way toward truly ministering to students, not just communicating Bible content. Even the best, most skilled teachers are going to miss the mark if the following are absent from their teaching.

Tips for Bible Teaching
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1) Have the right focus.

Bible teachers need to ask what they should be building into their classes and the lives of their students that will meet some of their primary needs. Then it becomes about applying God’s Word to students’ greatest need.

2) Be prepared for challenges.

Teachers must hurdle certain obstacles that can stand in the way of their students being able to fully engage in the learning process. It begins with identifying the challenges teachers might face and asking God to help them break through.

3) Foster an environment conducive to learning.

Based on students’ needs and backgrounds, they will be more prone to learning and do better in certain kinds of environments. It’s about affecting students holistically, the way God made people, not merely teaching for head knowledge.

The focus, challenge, and environment may vary based on the backgrounds of students. The more teachers know their students, the better they will be able to apply these tips. Teachers, however, do not have to wait until they are better acquainted with their students to work on these tips as the developmental needs of the age level they teach can also provide some specific direction. In upcoming posts, we will look at each of the broad age groupings — preschoolers, grade school students, teens, and adults — in light of these tips.


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