Too Broad to Fit Specific Topics

Sometimes you have content you don’t know how to categorize or resources you aren’t sure where to put.  At times you have material that is more of a broad sweep rather than fitting a specific niche.

For these we develop titles like “miscellaneous” or “general.”  You will find a number of good resources listed in the “General” category of this site.

When is this type of general category essential in teacher training?

  • prospective teachers who want to learn a little more about teaching before committing
  • new teachers who need to see the big picture as they embark on their teaching journey
  • veteran teachers who need reminders of their overall purpose or mission
  • leaders who need to keep a pulse on current thoughts, trends, and resources

That sounds like it includes just about everybody who might be involved in your church’s teaching ministry.  Let’s be careful we don’t get so caught up on specific topics that we forget the big picture.  Check out the General Teaching Resources page to see what might be helpful for you or your teachers.

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