Do Bible Teachers Understand the Teaching-Learning Process?

Bible Teachers' Role in the Teaching-Learning ProcessBible teaching is not merely about what a teacher does.  Make sure your teachers take a look at other factors in addition to their role in the teaching-learning process.

Take a look at the teacher.

What qualities should be present in Bible teachers?  What teaching skills do they need?

Take a look at the student.

What are their age level characteristics? How do they learn best?

Take a look at the text.

What makes teaching the Bible unique?  How should it be approached in studying for the lesson?

Take a look at the methods.

What kinds of methods are most effective?  How can your methodology take different learning styles and abilities into consideration?

Take a look at the environment.

What kind of setting is most conducive for learning?

Take a look at the supernatural.

What is the role of the Holy Spirit? What is essential for changed lives?

Two teacher training resources developed by Ministry Tools Resource Center that look at some of these factors involved in the teaching-learning process are:

Teaching for Changed Lives Workbook
Aiming for Empty-less Teaching Training Session

More Resources:  The Teaching-Learning Process

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