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Bible Teachers, cultivate your God-given creativity.

Creativity can be likened to those light bulb moments that take your teaching to a higher level. Creativity, however, goes beyond a moment of brilliance that "wows" the students. A creative teacher incorporates elements of creativity throughout the lesson from the introduction to the application. -- All teachers have the potential to be creative because all were made in the image and likeness of God. Bible teachers need to take time to cultivate that creativity.
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Sharpening Your Bible Teaching Methods Resource

Provide training on 57 different Bible teaching methods to help teachers incorporate vareity into their teaching.



Creative Bible Teaching with Results
All teachers have the potential to creatively reach today's students. Through this 73 page teacher training workbook, Bible teachers will learn that creative teaching goes beyond innovative methodology and riveting visualization to affecting the role of the teacher and how one relates to students. Overall goals, view of the teaching-learning process, classroom structure and lesson approach must line up with God and His ways to truly exercise God-given creativity. When that happens, the class will transform into a place where people want to be, where students get excited about learning God's Word and go home equipped to deal with life.



Creativity - Variety is One Element
Many elements go into creative teaching with the use of variety being one trait. A look at the possibilities for methodology and audiovisuals in the classroom suggest that the lack of variety is not a matter of limited choices. In this 4 page teacher training worksheet, Bible teachers will look at what might be holding them back from employing more variety.

Turning the Benefits of Creativity into Reality
Creativity is important in teaching because of what it potentially brings to the lesson and how it can move students to higher levels of learning. In this 5 page teacher training worksheet, Bible teachers will look at 8 benefits of creativity and consider what it will take to turn that benefit into reality. -- This worksheet uses the acrostic in the article, Benefits of Creativity in the Classroom.

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