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Teacher training about age level development in general can help Bible teachers better reach and teach their students. Knowing their current age characteristics and needs helps but how much better to also understand the traits of the age they just left and prepare them for their next level of development.

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Age Levels
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 General Training About Age Levels

Articles, Online:



  • Understanding Age Group Characteristics - This online seminar is designed to equip you to teach specific characteristics of five age groups ranging from babies to young teens by Child Evangelism Fellowship

Group Training Sessions:

Reaching All Age Levels with Bible Teaching
This resource provides a PowerPoint Presentation you can use with Bible teachers of all age levels together in a group session. The presentation includes 3 breakout sessions wherein you break into groups based on the broad age being taught (preschool, grade school, teens, adults) to look at additional content provided on handouts and to discuss questions that personalize it.



  • 13 Very ... Small Group Solutions for Kids by David C. Cook - "ideal for use during adult small groups, at house churches, in Sunday school, and with evening programs in smaller churches. Sessions are geared to a range of ages, and there's almost no prep required."
  • All-in-One Sunday School by Group Publishing - curriculum for mixed-age classes of children ages 4 through 12 - "will work in any ministry, but it's especially great for smaller churches that combine classes every Sunday. Also good for large churches that combine ages during summer and for any other multi-age class setting"
  • All Together Now by Group Publishing - "for ministries with children aged 4 to 12 (Kindergarten to 6th Grade) ... great resource for smaller churches, midweek services, or anytime you have children of different ages together in church."
  • Character by God's Design by Group Publishing - "lessons are created for groups of kids of all ages in one room ... to provide kids with the character qualities they need to each turn into the person God made them to be"
  • Grow Together Now by Group Publishing - "Equip kids of all ages in one room with the character qualities they need to grow to be more like Jesus."



Age Level Characteristics
This resource looks at eleven age levels from birth through senior adults. For each age level you will find an introductory article about that age group, a one page overview of their age level characteristics, and a worksheet with the characteristics to use to assess one's teaching in light of their implications and determine steps to take for improvement.

Make Truths Relevant for Students
Understanding age level developmental characteristics is a good starting point for tapping into the needs and interests of students. In this three page teacher training worksheet, based on the article Making Even Well-Known Truths Relevant, Bible teachers think about characteristics of God students most need to understand based on age developmental needs.

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