Helping Teachers Who Lack Bible Knowledge

Lack of Bible Knowledge in Teaching
Think through the basics Bible teachers need to know about God's Word to teach accurately and effectively. Provide teacher training that lays a good foundation upon which they can build as they study for their lessons.
To Read: Bible Illiterate Teachers Produce Bible Illiterate Students
But, also get beyond knowledge to foundational beliefs about the Bible. Read the following about the difference it makes:

Links open in new pages to keep the list available to look at additional teacher training resources. While seeking to choose doctrinally sound resources, we make no claim to total endorsement of any listing. Where possible, links go to merchants with whom we're an affiliate. These sites may use cookies to track your activity to ensure that Ministry Tools Resource Center gets commissions from any sales.

Articles, Online:



  • Pictorial Survey of the Bible - This is available either as a PowerPoint Presentation or as a PDF. It would be good to give teachers a basic chronology of the Bible.

Correspondence Courses in Print Format, Independent Study:

  • Bible/Theology Courses - Particularly consider the Survey of the Old Testament Survey, Survey of the New Testament, How to Understand the Bible (Bible Introduction), and Basic Christian Doctrine courses.

Group Training, In-House:

Group Training, Outside:


What Bible Teachers Need to Know About God's Word
Bible teachers need to know a few things about the Text they teach if they are going to adequately and accurately teach it ... like it's authority, focus, and theme. They need a summary view of Scripture as well as a panoramic view of God throughout the Bible. Knowing, however, is not enough. They must understand the implications for teaching. All of this can be found in the four page teacher training document.

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