Grasp of the Big Picture of the Bible

The Bible has one central message — a message of redemption. It’s a story of God’s great love for the people He created and His desire to be in a relationship with them.

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The Bible begins with the creation and fall of mankind. God’s intent to restore people to Himself immediately begins to unfold. The law and the prophets pointed people to Jesus. On the cross Jesus brought redemption, once for all. The Early Church proclaimed the same message we have today … to repent and put your faith in the Lord Jesus … until He comes again one day to reign.

Grasping the Big Picture of the Bible Lays Some Good Foundations for Teaching the Word

When Bible teachers have a good grasp on the big picture, they have the following to build on as they study their lesson and communicate it to others:

  • context with a greater depth for the individual books, stories, and precepts that helps them make more sense
  • balance with a greater likelihood of properly interpreting Scripture rather than building their theology around isolated verses or passages
  • perspective with a greater appreciation for the God of the Bible as they identify patterns, principles, or precedence for how God works

What Bible Teachers Need to Know About God’s WordUse this 4 page document, What Bible Teachers Need to Know About God’s Word, to help Bible teachers get a bigger picture of the Word that includes the following sections:

Authority of the Bible
Focus of the Bible
Theme of the Bible
Summary of the Bible
Divisions of the Bible
Panoramic View of God in the Bible

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