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These resources are geared more to teaching grade school aged children. If you're looking for a bigger picture of children's ministry, go to the children's ministry resources page on the site.

Read more about grade schoolers and teacher training: Engaging Grade School Students in Bible Learning

Click below to find teacher training resources for the following grade school age divisions:
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 General Grade School Teaching Resources

Articles, Hardcopy:

Articles, Online:

Audio Recording:

  • Teacher Training On the Go Book with CD by Group Publishing - They say the CD includes "15 audio training sessions. You have our permission to make cassette or CD copies of this CD and hand out the copies to the volunteers at your church. Each session is approximately five minutes...." on working with children.


Group Training Session, In-House:

  • In Step with the Master Teacher (CD-ROM) - BCM International -- 22 training sessions to prepare your teachers to disciple children as Jesus did: By modeling God's truth, by building relationships, and by teaching for response


PowerPoint Presentation:

Teaching the Bible to Children
This PowerPoint presentation looks at how the developmental characteristics of grade school children affect the way you teach the Bible to them.
If you do not have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can download a free PowerPoint Viewer from Microsoft's site. You can encourage teachers to download it as well if you wish to have teachers view it individually rather than in a group.
(Note: This is the same resource listed in the general section of the Early Childhood page. It is broad enough to be used with early childhood and grade school teachers.)



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