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Bible teachers might have opportunity to share the Gospel and lead unsaved students into a saving faith in Jesus Christ.

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 General Outreach Helps

Articles, Online:

Geared to Any Age:

Geared to Children:

Geared to Teens:


Some Outreach Do's & Don'ts for the Adult Classroom
Some adult church-goers may have grown up in a Christian home and acquired a lifestyle consistent with being a Christian yet never entered into a personal relationship with Jesus. Some might consider themselves Christians simply because they aren't atheists. Teachers of adult classes shouldn't assume all students are true believers in Jesus Christ. This 5 page teacher training worksheet provides seven suggestions, written as do's and don'ts, to implement if you want to reach those who might not truly know the Lord.

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 Leading Students to Christ

Articles, Hardcopy:

  • Teacher Training Smart Pages--Book and CD-ROM - Book with Reproducible Articles & Forms  by Sheryl Haystead (See the Table of Contents on that page for articles included on Salvation - Leading a Child to Christ; Guiding the Young Child Toward Jesus.)

Articles, Online:



Group Training, In-House:




  • Take-Out Training for Teachers by Group Publishing --Book and CD-ROM - Book with Reproducible Worksheet Training Sessions (See the Table of Contents for sessions on 'Leading a Child to a Faith Decision.')
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