Tools for Teachers to Share the Gospel

Some Outreach Do’s & Don’ts for the Adult Classroom stresses that Bible teachers must not assume all their class members truly know Jesus as their Savior.

For teacher training resources, go to: Evangelistic Outreach Efforts in the Classroom

But, don’t stop there. Equip them. Provide outreach tools for teachers, training them to effectively use the tools. The above listed resource page includes a few tools but there are many more.

10 Outreach Tools for Sharing the Gospel Message

Some tools listed below provide ways of presenting the Gospel while others are materials that can be distributed to students.

  1. Books for Skeptics

Keep some books on hand for teachers to give to students with lots of questions such as the following found in our affiliate store:

  1. Drawing

All teachers need is something to write on and a writing tool to visualize the message of salvation. Here’s an example using chalk drawing: A Creative Way to Share the Gospel  Or, you might use something like this example: One Verse Evangelism

  1.  Classroom Supplies

Common classroom supplies, when ordered with outreach in mind, can open the doors for teachers to share the Gospel.  Sometimes you can find pencils or pens with the Gospel message.  Another example would be the EvangeBall which could be used in a learning activity. (Links go to one of our affiliate stores.)

  1. Outreach Bibles or Portions of the Bible

You can keep some economical Bibles on hand that can be used by the teacher to share the Gospel with individual students and then sent home with them. This will serve as a tool to possibly reach the whole family.  You can find some low cost outreach Bibles at BiblicaDirect, one of our affiliate stores.

Outreach Bibles

  1. Phone Apps

Teachers probably have their phones with them at church.  The right app could be a very helpful outreach tool. The C2C Story App uses images to go from Creation to Christ available in seven different languages. Many of you might be familiar with the Have You Heard of the Four Spiritual Laws? Tract. (Link goes to one of our affiliate stores.)  Now you can get it as an app to always have with you at iTunes.

  1. Romans Road

This is an easy way for teachers to progress through the Gospel message using only the book of Romans. The order is generally Romans 3:23 – 6:23 – 5:8 – 10:9 and possibly end with 1:16.  One thing I do is mark my Bible with cues for remembering the verses. Now I know the order of these references and the actual verses by heart but when first starting, this was a good means of helping me. I put 3:23, the starting verse, in front leaf of my Bibles. At end of that verse, I wrote 6:23, etc. so it is easy to navigate, knowing which verse to go to next.

  1. Romans Road Signs

This is very similar to using the Romans Road but visualized with road signs. Clicking on the first image below will take you to Ministry Tools Resource Center on Pinterest. (You are invited to follow and repin images.) The second image will open a PDF which you are permitted to copy and distribute to teachers. You might suggest they keep a copy of it tucked in their Bibles or other places in the classroom where they would have quick access to it at any time.

           Gospel Presentation Using Roman Road Signs            Romans Road Signs

  1. Tracts or Leaflets

You can find a variety of these inexpensive materials available to teachers to either use to share the Gospel or to distribute to students with whom they have shared the Gospel but a decision was not made. Make sure you have tracts available that are suitable for a variety of ages. Check out tracts at one of our affiliate stores, as well as Memory Cross for creative ideas for children.

  1. Video Presentation, DVDs

You don’t have to put out a lot of money to provide teachers with a video means of reinforcing the Gospel message.  A no-cost means is to give them the link to The Jesus Film, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ. You can also get a free app of The Jesus Film.  Also, Dare 2 Share Ministries has a video using an acrostic of the word GOSPEL to explain the message of salvation in Christ — Life in Six Words.

  1. Wordless Tools Using Colors

You can make an outreach tool using different colors to represent aspects of the Gospel message. (yellow/gold: heaven where God wants us to someday be with Him; black: sin separates us from God; red: Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment our sin deserves and because of His blood we can be forgiven; white: heart made clean when we trust in Jesus; green: growing in our relationship with Jesus) — Traditionally wordless books have been made of construction paper or different colored felt. You could alternatively use Legos Bricks or a Gospel Plane using instructions found at Or, you could purchase pre-made items such as those in the links below going to one of our affiliate stores:


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