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using drama in the classroom

The way teachers use drama in the classroom should not only be governed by their objectives but also by factors such as the size and age of their class and available time. Possible formats include:

  • acting it out impromptu or rehearsed (i.e., charades, mime, mock trial, pantomime, play, role play, skit, story playing)
  • acting it out through the use of representative characters (i.e., puppets)
  • reading it like a radio drama (i.e., dramatic reading, choral reading, audio-taping)
  • reporting it as one who was there (i.e., interview, monologue)
  • watching it be performed live or recorded (i.e., staged, videotaped)
  • writing and producing it by students themselves

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Dramatic Play as Bible Learning Activities Training
On this handout, teachers will acquire tips on how to choose dramatic play for the lessons and what to remember when using it.
(You can order this training document as part of the Bible Learning Activities For Children Training Download which contains a page for 8 different learning activities.)

Role Playing

Role Playing helps students learn which way to go in problem situations so it can be a very beneficial teaching method. In this two page teacher training document, you will find input on the purpose of using role playing and the process to follow to effectively help students solve problems.



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