A Flair for the Dramatic … Or Not

Flair for the Dramatic or Not

Some people have a natural bent toward acting and could effectively employ it as a Bible Teaching Method.

Some people are naturally animated and some are not.

Some people are more inhibited while other people can let go.

Some are well organized and could put together a major production and some can barely get a basic lesson together.

Using drama in the classroom does not have to be a major production requiring great acting skills and animation.  Encourage your Bible teachers to work within their own bents to use drama as a Bible teaching method rather than eliminate it from the learning experience.  In time they might step out of their comfort zones to take the next step.

Not animated? They could use a projected or audio means of telling the story.  Or, they could ask students to make appropriate faces or gestures.

Inhibited? If they struggle to fully dress like the part, sound the part, and act like the part, they could at least hold a prop.  Or, they could let students dress up and act it out.

Not organized? If developing or preparing a more involved dramatic presentation overwhelms them, that’s okay.  There are less involved types of drama that don’t involve much preparation or attention to detail like simple story playing, role playing, or dramatic reading.

Key: You must know your teachers well enough to determine their personality bents so you can encourage them accordingly.

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