Creativity: The Problem is Not a Lack of Possibilities

Creativity Possibilities in Bible Teaching
Teachers have quite a variety of ways they can present a Bible lesson.  I could list over 40 types of visual aids that could be used and over 50 types of methods.  Within each of those would be variations that would make the number of possibilities much greater.

Consider what might hold your teachers back from using more variety in their teaching.  While they must work through some of the issues in their own hearts, you can help with at least two of the reasons:

1) ignorance

Teachers might not be aware of what all the possibilities are and/or might not be familiar with how to use them.

You can help by consistently presenting new ideas to them.

  • Point them to web pages with ideas.
  • Include a different idea in each of your newsletters to teachers.
  • Present possibilities at meetings.
  • Brainstorm as a team about how to teach a lesson.

You can help by providing training on ideas for which they need help.

  • Here is a resource from Ministry Tools Resource Center:

Sharpening Your Bible Teaching Methods

  • Here are some methodology books from our affiliate stores:

Creative Teaching Methods by Marlene D. LeFever
24 Ways to Improve Your Teaching by Kenneth O. Gangel
40 Ways to Teach in Groups by Martha Leypoldt

2) insecurity

Teachers might be aware of possibilities but may never have used some of the ideas before.  A fear of failure can hold people back.

You can help through:

  • encouragement and/or feedback
  • offering opportunity for them to observe it being used first
  • building practice exercises into training

The benefits of creative Bible teaching, of which variety is a part, are tremendous.  Do what you can to help teachers be more creative by knowing what is available to them and supporting them in their efforts.  Remind them of how essential creativity is to Bible teaching.

Worksheet:  Turning the Benefits of Creativity into Reality

Teacher Training Resources:  Creative Bible Teaching

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