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Are Your Bible Teachers Prepared?


We’ve already suggested that Bible Teachers can never be fully prepared for what might happen in the classroom, that they need to expect the unexpected. Yet, there are some ways they can be prepared that will help them more effectively deal with the unexpected.

Teachers who do not come to class as prepared as they can be tend to get more frazzled by the unexpected. They tend to find it harder to know how to use the situation as a teachable moment that reinforces that day’s lesson.

3 Areas in which Teachers should be Prepared:

1)  Preparation of the Heart

Teachers need to understand the importance of personal study of God’s Word and prayer. When their own hearts are prepared for class, they are more open to the leading of the Spirit who will give them the needed wisdom and understanding. It is no coincidence that within the context of the command to be filled by the Spirit in Ephesians 5:18 we read of being wise and making the most of every opportunity. Yielded hearts tend to be open vessels through which the Spirit works.


2)  Preparation of the Lesson

Teachers who have adequately studied the lesson are in a better position to know how to wield the unexpected into something positive that reinforces the truth being learned. They tend to be able to make the needed adjustments because they know where they’ve been and they are going.


Teachers who have adequately practiced their methodology and use of visuals are in a better position to prevent problems from becoming insurmountable. They know what could go wrong and can come prepared to deal with potential issues.


3)  Preparation of the Students

Just as the teacher needs to know where the lesson is going and how to get there, so do students if you want to increase potential for cooperation and motivation to stay on track. Begin with an introduction that pulls them in to the lesson. Connect with students in ways that tap in to who they are and how they best learn.




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