Blend of the Natural & Supernatural in Bible Teaching

Natural Principles: God made people to learn certain ways and so we must work within that design.

In teacher training, don’t be afraid to introduce natural principles that line up with God’s design and purposes.  Always run the natural principles through the grid of Scripture.  Just because something seems to work or is used widely in public education, doesn’t mean it is right or profitable in Bible teaching.

Supernatural Power: Only the Holy Spirit can change people from the inside out.

In teacher training, don’t present only natural principles in the teaching-learning process. If you only work within the natural, your end result will be behavioral modification, not heart transformation. Always encourage teachers to pray through both the preparation and presentation of the Bible lesson, to trust God to bring the growth, and to see the Spirit as the true teacher.

A two page worksheet for children’s teachers, called Heart Transformation or Behavior Modification?, available through the store, addresses this issue.

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