Discouragement Towards the Top of the List

Discouraged Bible Teachers
As of the writing of this post, you will find resource pages for 60 different topics or issues relevant to Bible teachers for which they might need equipping. In checking the stats for those pages, I found that the page pertaining to discouraged or disillusioned teachers was the fourth highest topic viewed in the previous month.

We need to ask ourselves some questions:

1) What is causing teachers to get discouraged or become disillusioned?

2) What can we do about it?

If the cause of discouragement is related to personal issues, is there anything we can do to come alongside of the teachers?

  • What prayer support might we be able to provide?
  • What encouragement might we be able to provide?
  • What counsel might we be able to provide?
  • What practical assistance might we be able to provide?
  • To whom might we refer them if we are unable to help?

If the cause is church or ministry related, what steps can we take to rectify any problems?

  • Is training needed in a specific area?
  • Are there fractured relationships that need to be mended?
  • Are expectations too high or too low?
  • Are we respectful of their time constraints?
  • Have we expressed genuine appreciation for all they do?
  • Have we given them the needed resources and materials?
  • Is the teacher-to-student ratio low enough?

If you have discouraged or disillusioned teachers, be sure to read through the related posts listed below and check out the resource page for dealing with discouragement in teaching.

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