Reasons Bible Teachers Lack Enthusiasm

Spiritual Fervor or Lacking in ZealIn recruiting Bible teachers, we should set our objective at finding and maintaining teachers on the higher end of the spiritual fervor scale. But, perhaps you are looking at your teaching staff and find too many lacking zeal or not much enthusiasm. If so, you have a problem that needs to be addressed or it will impact the effectiveness of your teaching ministry.

Discern Why Bible Teachers Lack Enthusiasm and You Can Then Determine What to Do About It

Reasons teachers lack zeal could be varied so we will group together what might be at the root.

1) Related to leadership

Before casting all the blame on teachers for not being enthusiastic, stop to examine your own level of spiritual fervor. Enthusiasm tends to be contagious. If you are so consumed with stress and discouragement, you will do little to foster an environment conducive to excitement in serving. Teachers may receive minimal encouragement from you. You could even be dampening the enthusiasm of others by your own attitude.

To Do: Pray something like, “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Ps. 139:23-24)

2) Related to how they were recruited

The way someone is recruited to teach says a lot about the perceived value or importance of the task, affecting the way they approach the ministry. When nabbed in the parking lot, when listening to a desperate plea from the pulpit, and the like, people could sense that the ministry isn’t all that wonderful. When anybody will do because the position needs to be filled in order to have the class, it does little to spark the flame of excitement within.

To Do: Prayerfully approach recruitment as an opportunity to identify God’s possibilities for your ministry, something to be embraced not dreaded. If you want enthused teachers, begin the process with some enthusiasm to give the impression that this is an exciting way to serve the Lord.

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3) Related to gifting

Perhaps spiritual gifting and passion takes some of your teachers in a different direction, so teaching just isn’t a good fit. Maybe some of your teachers are appropriately gifted but the gift within them might need to be fanned into flame (2 Tim. 1:6) through more training and encouragement.

To Do: Include identification of people with spiritual gifts most appropriate for teaching a part of the recruitment process so you get the right people from the start. Develop a plan for coming alongside of teachers with training and encouragement tailored to their needs.

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4) Related to challenges in teaching

Discouraged, frustrated, or disillusioned teachers don’t tend to be enthused teachers. Perhaps the stress or busyness of their lives is taking a toll of being able to adequately prepare which in turn affects the lesson’s effectiveness. Maybe they have some exceptionally unruly students and so they’re struggling with classroom discipline. The list of issues could go on and on. But even worse than the challenges teacher face is feeling like they are alone in it. Helplessness leads to hopelessness.

To Do: Address specific issues or problems teachers are facing. Provide the help they need to rise above it.

Some of the challenges come due a lack of resources or training. Identify the need and work at assisting in practical and beneficial ways.

Others issues may be due to an inadequate understanding or perception. Maybe you’ll need to help teachers gain a better appreciation for the Text they teach, the Bible. If they remember that they’re handling the life-changing words of the Almighty God, they’ll view it as more of a privilege than a drain on their time and energy. Perhaps you’ll need to help some teachers see the bigger picture in classroom discipline so they can get beyond mere crowd control to seeing the potential for growth discipline brings.

Whatever the challenge might be, help teachers before they become so discouraged they completely lose the joy of teaching.

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