Attitudes Turn Into Actions

Certain qualities that make us more effective Bible teachers begin in the heart as an attitude, or disposition toward being a certain way. As those attitudes develop and grow within us, they turn into demonstrative actions.

Example of How Attitudes Turn Into Actions

We’ve previously looked at Bible teachers’ role as servants. If you click on that link to read the post, you’ll find what being a servant looks like in teachers. True servanthood grows out of an attitude of humility, the same attitude of Christ who came to serve rather than be served (Phil. 2:3-7).

Attitudes in Bible Teachers Leading to Actions that Make a Difference

Pray God develops attitudes within Bible teachers that cause them to make a difference in their students’ lives.
Pray for Bible Teachers' Attitudes

  • Pray that teachers have an attitude of humility that enables them to truly serve students.
  • Pray that teachers have an attitude of grace that enables them to be patient with students.
  • Pray that teachers have an attitude of love that enables them to truly care for students.

The above prayer items were taken from the August guide in the Praying for Bible Teachers Throughout the Year Guide which uses the A in August to remind us to pray for Attitudes.

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