Tips for Dealing with Issues About Halloween

Halloween Tracts
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Halloween can be controversial and even divisive among Christians. In the same church you might find people who totally oppose having anything to do with it and those who are absolutely fine with it. You might also have people somewhere in between who want to try to redeem the holiday by using it for outreach or those who believe we simply need to be careful and wise in our choices. Bible teachers therefore need to be sensitive to the different views toward Halloween.

Tips for Bible Teachers at Halloween:

  1. Acknowledge that people have different views about Halloween and don’t try to push your own position on your students.

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  1. Use it as a time to teach about how to handle personal convictions.

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  1. Take advantage of teachable moments as students talk about things related to Halloween … like the difference between truth and fiction, good versus evil, etc.


  1. If you want to celebrate Halloween in some fashion with your class, first talk with church leadership and then with parents of children, to make sure what you want to do will not become a major issue and undo the spiritual good built up through the year. Remember your purpose as a Bible teacher. Is what you want to do worth it?

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