Basic Understandings

Have you ever tried to transplant a flower with hardly any roots? Often those flowers do not make it. They tend to wither up and die. Occasionally this kind of transplant will thrive without much trouble. Usually, however, if the flower is to survive, you have some work ahead of you — extra watering and fertilizing.

Basic Understandings for Good RootsThe Basic Understandings That Give Bible Teachers the Good Roots They Need

So in disciplining, if you do not have healthy roots, managing the classroom will be an uphill battle. Many teachers will get so frustrated and discouraged that they quit. A few will make it due to a charismatic personality or by virtue of God working despite themselves.

Teachers who tend to thrive the most are those who maintain the following roots:

  • sound philosophy of the teaching-learning process
  • understanding of age-level characteristics
  • grasp of a biblical approach to discipline
  • concept of the need for boundaries
  • biblical exercise of authority –not overly permissive and not an authoritarian
  • proper motivations when disciplining

Take the time to check your root system. Will you thrive?

The above basic understandings are further developed as the first seven tips in the Handbook on the Basics of Classroom Discipline. Order now for help in acquiring these understandings to assist you in effectively managing the classroom.

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