In a Teacher Training Rut? – Evaluations Aren’t Just for Accountability

Dreading EvaluationsWe often think of evaluations as those dreaded assessments at the end of a teaching term.  How well did the teacher do?  Should the teacher be asked to continue?

Many churches do not use evaluations.  They desperately need teachers and wouldn’t consider the possibility of disqualifying someone from teaching, even if they are ineffective or it isn’t the right fit for them.

While planned evaluations are a good tool to provide ministry leaders and/or teachers with a place to terminate one’s teaching, they can also be beneficial for keeping teachers accountable.  Beyond that, evaluations can be used in the teacher training process.

Sometimes self-evaluations between the teacher and the Lord can be appropriate rather than discussed with leadership.  If you do this, include a place on the form for teachers to think through steps for improvement.  Self-assessment challenges them to reflect on their teaching without the threat of exposure which can lead to defensiveness.

Other Means of Teacher Training

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