FAQ about Using Learning Centers

FAQ about Using Learning Centers

Learning Centers are a great way to get students involved in the learning process as they discover, create, and explore through hands-on involvement with materials located in the various stations.

Questions about Using Learning Centers

What’s most important to remember when using learning centers?

Using the right kinds of centers to accomplish your lesson objectives is critical but if you haven’t thought through the logistics, even the most appropriate centers can have minimal impact. A chaotic, unorganized environment can distract from learning. You need to think through the logistics as you plan.

  • How will you set-up of the centers to allow for minimum congestion and maximum participation?
  • How will you make sure students have adequate supervision and yet freedom to take initiative, to explore, and to create?
  • How will you rotate students from center to center getting them dispersed throughout the centers so you don’t have too many students at one station?
  • How will you determine when it is time for students to move on and how will you communicate that?

These are just some of the questions you’ll find in the Learning Centers Worksheet to help you think through the various issues.

What if our curriculum doesn’t use learning centers?

A lot of children’s curriculum is fairly easy to turn into learning centers. You can often make the different lesson segments into learning centers. You might want to add some additional centers but make sure they fit the theme and objectives of the lesson. Then it’s a matter of thinking through the logistics in making it work.

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