Foundation Builders Need Jesus’ Heart

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As a church we can say children are important but sometimes do little to back that up when it comes to the youngest of these little ones. How is that? By settling for no more than babysitters in the nursery. Instead, we need to be looking for foundation builders.

These are people with the kind of heart toward young children Jesus exhibited.

Jesus’ Heart Toward Little Children

The New Testament tells a story of Jesus welcoming the little children being brought to Him. “Let the little children come to me,” He said (Matt. 19:14), giving us a glimpse into His heart toward these little ones.

1) Jesus valued little children.

He didn’t merely say children are important but rather demonstrated it. Jesus took time out of His busy schedule to interact with them.

2) Jesus stood up for these little ones.

We read that the disciples “rebuked” the parents for such an interruption, like it would be an inconvenience for Jesus to take time for children, like the children didn’t matter. Jesus, instead, corrected the disciples. Children weren’t to be hindered from being brought to Him because “the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matt. 19:14).

3) Jesus ministered to the children.

Jesus wasn’t merely being kind to the people who wanted to bring their children to Him. He did not simply enjoy children. Jesus knew that they too needed His touch and so He “placed his hands on them” (Matt. 19:15). In laying His hands on them, Jesus was undoubtedly blessing them with a tangible demonstration of His presence. Think of the impression this left on these children. They were not too young to learn about Jesus. We’ll look at Jesus’ approach to ministering to these little ones in the next post. Subscribe to receive e-mail notice of new posts.

Nursery Workers, as Foundation Builders, Need This Kind of Heart

Workers who are unwilling to invest the time and effort into bringing these little ones to Jesus are like the disciples in this story, not Jesus. Let’s make sure we look for nursery workers who demonstrate this same kind of concern for babies and toddlers.

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