Lecture is Good to Use with Adults, Right?

Lecturing an Adult Bible Class
Recently I was conversing with someone about teacher training for her church’s Bible teachers and she explained how their teachers of adults primarily lecture.
“Lecture is good to use with adults, right?”

While an adult’s attention span is longer than that of children and youth, adults will miss out on so much learning if lecture is the sole method used. To take students to higher levels of learning that lead to applying truth to their lives, you must get beyond lecture.

My question in response to “Lecture is Good to Use with Adults, Right?”: Is your goal in teaching adults to see changed lives … people who are getting to know the Lord, not just about Him, in ways that make a difference in their lives?

While some adults are verbal (auditory) learners, many are more visual learners, some are more hands-on (kinesthetic or doing) learners, and others learn best inter-personally (social learners). Using a variety of methods within a lesson will tend to accommodate the various learning styles whereas solely using lecture will help the auditory learners grasp the lesson best.

My question in response to “Lecture is Good to Use with Adults, Right?”: Do you want to reach some of your students or potentially all of them?

Lecture with adults? It depends on your objective.

If teachers of your adult classes primarily use lecture, challenge them with the above questions. And, be sure to provide training that not only instructs them on why they should employ a variety of methods but also how to get beyond lecture.

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