FAQ About Bulletin Boards

Frequently Asked Questions, FAQ about Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards have been used in the church for some time to post announcements, for decor, and even in Bible classes like Sunday School.

Since this blog focuses on teacher training, we want to address a few questions Bible teachers might have about using Bulletin Boards.

Are bulletin boards a teaching method or visual aid?

Bulletin boards can be used in the Bible class as either a visual aid or teaching method. Sometimes they’re even used simply as room decor, often seasonal. When the content on the board merely illustrates the truth being taught, it is most likely being used as a visual aid. When, however, students must design, react to, or interact with what’s on the board, it’s probably being used as a teaching method.

For help on how to make boards interactive, read: Interactive Bulletin Boards

For teacher training on how to effectively use bulletin boards:  Make Bulletin Boards SUPER

Since students’ world is so high tech these days, should bulletin boards still be used?

Just because technology is so prevalent in the world today doesn’t mean we can’t ever use low tech methods. The question we must always ask about teaching methodology is, “what will best communicate the truth to my students?”

Get more help on this question at:

Where can I find ideas for bulletin boards to use in teaching?

You can still find books with ideas for biblical themes. Go to the Bulletin Boards as a Teaching Tool Training Resources page and scroll down to the ‘Resources’ section for a list of books. You can also find ideas doing an internet search or using a site like Pinterest.


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