Interactive Bulletin Boards

Interactive Bulletin Boards
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Bulletin boards can be used by Bible teachers in three ways:

1) room decor
2) visual aid
3) teaching method

Bulletin boards change from a visual aid or piece of room decor to a teaching method when used interactively.

How Bible Teachers Can Use Bulletin Boards Interactively

  • A new piece can be added to the display as a lesson, or series, progresses.
  • Add actual objects or textures that can be touched.
  • Add, remove, and replace images to help with memorization.
  • Have students write responses on an item to be added to the board.
  • Add tabs to be lifted for additional information.
  • Have students choose a relevant Bible verse or caption to add to the display.
  • Have students prepare items already determined to place on a pre-fab design.
  • Ask students to design the bulletin board based on the lesson learned.

For an acrostic to help you remember elements to help make a bulletin board interactive, check out the Make Bulletin Boards SUPER handout.

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