Fear Holding People Back?

Perhaps you find people reticent to accept a teaching role due to fear.  Perhaps you have teachers who are not reaching their potential because of insecurities tied in to fears.  Remember the following acrostic to help them work through their fears.  Guide them in a process to . . .



Through one-on-one counsel, you can help them identify the cause of their fear.

Is it a lack of ability, lack of Bible knowledge, lack of confidence to stand in front of people?


Once you know what is causing the fear, you can work with them to remove or lessen the cause to the extent it can be eliminated.

For example:

  • If it is a lack of ability, then provide training in the areas needed.
  • If it is a lack of Bible knowledge, then provide them with tools to study the Word.
  • If it is a lack of confidence, then provide opportunity to practice in a safe environment.


As they work to eliminate or lessen the causes of their fear, remind them to ask God for help.

For that which cannot be removed, encourage them to ask God to help them rise above.  Perhaps they are shy by personality.  It’s who they are.  Suggest they ask God to help them step outside of themselves as needed.


In helping teachers work through their fears, be sure you don’t come across as promoting a self-help plan.  The Lord will be with them and help them as they trust in Him.

Encourage them to . . .
… rely on His power as that will be their ability.
… rely on His wisdom as that He will be their understanding.
… rely on His presence as that will be their confidence.

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