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Play as a Bible Teaching Method?


For some teachers a tension exists between how much play to allow in the classroom and how much Bible learning.

Tension Over Using Play as a Bible Teaching Method

Tugging on one side:

Tugging on the other side:

  • We are teaching eternal truths of grave importance.
  • We only a short time to teach them.

To resolve that tension, train teachers of children’s classes to aim toward the following:

  1. purposeful play

    not just play for the sake of playing because children like to play but rather because the play activity will lead to learning a specific truth or skill

  2. total session teaching

    not just using play as a time filler because you haven’t prepared enough material to engage students but rather making everything you do lead toward the lesson’s goal

The Play: It’s How Kids Learn Worksheet, available through the store, will help teachers learn to use play effectively as a Bible teaching method.

Teacher Training Resources:  Instructional Play


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