Small Group Bible Studies Teachers Training

Small Group Bible Studies TrainingWhen providing teachers training for Small Group Bible Study teachers, make sure to include help for the following aspects of teaching in this kind of setting:

The Teacher’s Role in a Small Group Bible Study:

Small group teachers must understand their role as a facilitator, someone who guides the group to learn from God’s Word and one another. This means there will be minimal one-way communication (lecture) by the teacher. Small group Bible study teachers also need to understand that this does not negate their need to come prepared. They need to have studied the Scripture being used well so they are able to anticipate where the discussion might go and help keep the study doctrinally sound.

The Curriculum used in Small Group Bible Studies:

Sometimes the Bible study discussion guides used in such a study do not write out word for word what the teacher should do and say next. Teachers need to sometimes make transitions that are not provided or help generate better discussion by using guiding questions.

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The Group Interaction possible in a Small Group Bible Study:

Small group Bible studies are generally smaller than a Sunday School class which lends itself to even more interaction and personal sharing. Although, for some churches, Sunday School is more of a small group Bible study format rather than the traditional mid-size Sunday School class. If that is the case for you, then what you read in this post certainly could apply.

Teachers of small groups need to learn how to build an atmosphere in which everybody’s contribution matters. They should seek to gain the participation of all group members. And, they need to learn how to keep the discussion on track or bring it back if needed.

Resource: In Facilitating a Discussion, Everyone’s Contribution is Valuable Worksheet

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2 Replies to “Small Group Bible Studies Teachers Training”

  1. Our small groups are Community Bible studies with members encouraged to invite neighbors who don’t go to church so part of our training includes how to share the Gospel.

    • I’m glad you shared that, Bob. If the small group takes on a particular slant or targets a specific group of people, teacher training should definitely include an understanding of that emphasis or people. In community groups like you have, teachers will have the potential for people being there who don’t know the Lord. Training should therefore include how to weave in the Gospel, keeping studies deep enough for believers and yet understandable for unbelievers. Teachers should be trained on how to lead people to the Lord. You might find some helps on the Outreach Teacher Training Resources page.

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